The War of 1812: America's Second War of Independence for Educators from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC

Join us for five days this summer as we commemorate the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. This seminar will focus on the War of 1812, James Madison, and related constitutional issues at the home of James and Dolley Madision. Selected educators from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC will receive important content knowledge and classroom-ready resources on the issues and events surrounding the War of 1812 and its significance to the Chesapeake area, and will spend one day touring relevant Washington, DC sites.  Participants will be provided with tools to become mentors/trainers for fellow educators of history.  Participants will also become familiar with resources and sites of the Star-Spangled Banner National Historical Trail and how these resources can be relevant to students.

Monday, July 15
Opening Reception
Workshop Introduction
Tour of James and Dolley Madison's Home 

Tuesday, July 16
Lecture/Discussion: An Overview of the War of 1812
Archaeology Tour
Lecture/Discussion: The War in the Chesapeake

Wednesday, July 17
Depart for Fort McHenry
Tour of Fort McHenry
Lunch in Baltimore Harbor
Tour of Star-Spangled Banner Flag House
Drive through Fells Point
Return to Montpelier

Thursday, July 18
Lecture/Discussion: The Civil War of 1812: British Rebels, Irish Immigrants, and Indian Allies
Enslaved Community Tour
Lecture/Discussion: Paul Jennings and the Burning of Washington

Friday, July 19
Lecture/Discussion: The War and the Constitution
Small Group Discussions

Status: Closed

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