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A Defining Moment for the Court

George Will Washington Post 10 Jan 2014

Abraham Lincoln First Inaugural Address (excerpt)

Abraham Lincoln First Inaugural Address March 4, 1861

Abraham Lincoln Letter to Hodges

April 4, 1864

Abraham Lincoln Speech at Chicago July 10, 1858

Lincoln’s Speech at Chicago, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln Speech at Peoria Oct 16, 1854

Speech on the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise

Alexander Hamilton Letter to Duane Sep. 3, 1780

Deficiencies of the Confederation

Amendments Passed by House of Representative

Amendments to the U.S. Constitution passed by the House of Representatives August 24, 1789

Amendments Proposed - House Select Committee

July 28, 1789

Americanus I

Alexander Hamilton January 31, 1794

Americanus II

Alexander Hamilton February 7, 1794

Ancient and Modern Confederacies

This is a compilation of James Madison's notes on ancient & modern confederacies.

Aristotle Politics excerpts

By Aristotle

Articles of Confederation

March 1, 1781

Barron v Baltimore

U.S. Supreme Court 32 U.S. 243 (1833)

BOR intro 1 glossary

BOR intro 1 glossary

Brown v Board of Education

U.S. Supreme Court 347 U.S. 483 (1954)

Brutus 78 and 79 The Problem of Judicial Review

Anti-Federalist Papers #78 & #79

Brutus 80

Anti-Federalist Paper #80

Brutus 81

Anti-Federalist Paper #81

Brutus 82

Anti-Federalist Paper #82

Brutus I


Brutus XV


Calhoun's Speech in the Senate on the Oregon Bill (1848)

John C. Calhoun June 27, 1848

Centinel Number 1

October 5, 1787

Civil Rights Act of 1866

An Act to protect all Persons in the United States in their Civil Rights, and furnish the Means of their Vindication

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